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Global Variables in a Design Study Not Linking

Question asked by Matthew Gilpin on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by Matthew Gilpin

I'm trying to set up a design study based on an assembly where all of the dimensions are driven by global variables. I also have a thermal study that is defined and runs properly and it titled simply "Study 1." The problem  I am having is varying the global variables within a design study and getting it to run properly.


I assume the method for selecting global variables for a design study is to


1) "Add Parameters"

2) Give the parameter a name

3) Select "Global Variables" from the category menu

4) Selected the desired global variable from the references menu


When I go to run the design study, howvever, I get the error that "No Design Variables Are Linked to Simulation Study 1."


Is there something I'm missing? My design is trying to optimize concentric layers of insulation and not using global variables during this process will be VERY tedious.