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    Creation of 3 point Arc

    Jhon Anthony Abuan

      Hi guys,


      Correct me if I'm wrong In the creation of 3 point arc 


      here is the code that i use  ->  modelDoc.SketchManager.Create3PointArc(x1, y1, z1,x2, y2, z2, x3, y3,z3); 


      Now the x1,y1,z2 reperesent the first of the point (1) as shown in the picture the x2,y2,z3 is the second point (2) as shown in the picture and lastly is the x3,y3,z3 is the third point (3).


      Now I want to create a 3 point arc with the same output as show in picture 1. So in the 3rd point (x3,y3,z3) base on my testing, I added to y3 + 0.01 so that the arc would look like that but somehow the output of the arc is in reverse form or U shape? why is that? I just want to know how to flip the 3 point arc upward.


                                          3point arc.PNG





      Thanks in advance Guys