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I do not want to see all the mates

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Mar 22, 2013
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Afternoon guys,


I am presently sorting out someone elses assembly.  I presently have a whole bunch of "-" marks where I know the sub assemblies are UNDER defined.  My question is this, as I try to show the mates associated with that particular sub or part I get every other mate that is associated with the one I am trying to figure out.  I do not want to see all children mates to the sub or part I am trying to figure out.  There should be at most three, most likely 2 constraints on a sub or part that has the UNDER defined symbol.  Why do I have to see all the other children mates as well?  Is there a way to just see the mates that are associated with the sub or part and not all the children mates?  This is very confusing and makes it hard to troubleshoot.  Lastly, my first component in the assembly is fixed.  How can I get a question mark telling me it does not know where it is?  I thought by it being fixed it knew where it was and the question mark would go away.  I have a bunch of stuff downstream of that first component that also has a question mark and I think its due to the first also having a question mark.  And yes the downstream components are mated to the first.