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    Another txt ?

    Joe Kuzich

      I am experiencing another issue I need some insight on.  When I am trying to add txt or edit txt part of it is being turned into what I would describe as a single entity block of txt within the txt.  For example I can type the following:


      #12 x 1 TEK SCREWS @ 18 MAX.


      Then it's fine but if I type or try to change it to;


      #12 x 1" TEK SCREWS @ 18" MAX.


      The txt gets all buggy and will not allow me to adjust the txt box so it is multi lined like:


      #12 x 1" TEK SCREWS

      @ 18" MAX.


      It will cause a middle chuck of the txt to become or act like a single letter or symbol.  I don't know if the " causes something to turn on / off that I can toggle to stop doing it or if I need another work around.  As always any insight is appreciated.