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    Random missing components in assembly drawing views

    Brad Reinagle

      What's up with this?

      I have been seen this problem for awhile.

      Solidworks seems to randomly select components to hide in assembly drawing views.

      Could be the 1st view in the drawing or it could be a projected view or a section or a detail etc. pretty much any kind of view.

      It does seem that if the components were missing in any one particular view, the same components are missing from any subsequent views created from it.

      It is not always the same components in any of the effected views and it may be only one component or it may be several.

      The components do not seem to be connected in any way such as being members of the same sub-assemblies etc.

      It seems like it is mostly only individual components. And they can be from any level of assembly or sub-assemblies.

      It does seem the more components in the assembly, the more parts go into hiding, may just be a numbers thing.

      I can always get the components to show back up by finding where they are in the feature tree and selecting them to show them in the effected view.

      Sometimes the parts are rather obviously missing, other times I just happen to notice something is missing while I am zoomed in working on adding dimensions etc.

      Is this a common problem that's been going on for a while?

      It really adds a lot of time to detailing if I have to go over every view in my drawing to see if something is missing.


      Is there a fix for this?

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          Daniel Haines

          Hi Brad,  One of our users here had experienced a similar occurrence of components being hidden just this morning.  A forum search found your post and another of our users also found a solution in the interim.


          There is a setting in tools>options>systems options tab under the drawings page called "Automatically hide components on view creation".  This was checked on the machine the user who experienced this behaviour was using.  Unchecking this option returned the components on the drawing views.


          I know this is nearly 2 years after your post, but maybe it will help someone else with a similar issue.

          14-01-15 1-14-05 PM.png