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SW 2012 - Fibrous Scaffold Modeling Issus

Question asked by Lyman Woollens on Mar 22, 2013
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I am currently working on a project that requires measuring the shear stresses in a small region of a fibrous sheet. I have been attempting to model the sheet's response to fluid flow using solidworks but have been experiencing great difficulty in doing this. It is a rectangular sheet of randomly spun fibers 1 fiber thick. I need to measure the shear stress given a specific mass flow rate. Unfortunately, it seems as thought an external study is not possible in Solidworks 2012, the FloXpress Simulation only allows for internal studies with lids and such?? Is there any way around this? With an internal flow I must build a box around the sheet and pass fluid through it orthogonally. Also, selecting the inside face of the lids seems to be impossible after building the box that encloses the fibrous sheet.


Any advice would be of great help. I thank you sincerely.

If any clarification is needed please ask!