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    Can i draw two detail views of the same feature on a drawing for two different magnifications

    Kameswara Madduri

      we do mylar's with 20x and 50x maginification for measuring the radius of the part on the comparator using AUTOCAD. I'm trying to do a part drawing in SOILDWORKS with 20x and 50x. here is what i did so far


      a) created the part

      b) imported the part in to the part drawing (sheet size of 22" X 17").

      c) did a section view of the part

      d) did a detail view of the portion of the sectioned view.

      e) changed the scale of the detail view to 20:1 (which satisfies my 20x requirement)


      question i have is


      a) how do i get the 50:1 scale of the same detail. soildworks wont let me do another detail view of the same feature.


      could anybody please suggest if there is a way to do that or if there is a different method all together for drawing a 20x and 50x magnification please help.