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PDM make PDF task

Question asked by Simon Konda on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by Mike Sveda

Hi everybody,


Our company has slowly started using SW ePDM software. We use SW 2012 (S.P.5.0) with ePDM (12.4).


One major problem on which we encountered is the make PDF task.


Our projects are big, each has aprox 700 - 800 drawings, and once it gets aproved by the the boss, the task to make PDFs of all drawings, is executed.


The problem as stated is; that some drawings are converted incorrectly. On some projcets random drawings (aprox. 20% off them) are displayed without the part itself. You only get dimmension lines, but no part. Meaning the drawing is useless...


But if you make the conversion manually, via SW---> save drawing as .pdf it works normally.


I contacted our SW provider and they replied, that this is a known problem and that it is resolved in SW 2013. (SPR #669673 - Fail to convert Slddrw files to PDF files) The problem is we can't upgrade our version, since we have partners who run on SW 2012.


So is there a way around this problem, or maybe a solution for our problem.