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    Body interference during simulation.

    Qi Xian Ho

      Hi everytime i tries to mesh my model, i kept being prompt that there are bodies interfering but i couldnt figure out what exactly were interfering. What do i do?


      And also after i briefly explained my model to my supervisor, he insist that i mesh my platform and the stiffeners using shell element. But it seems that solidworks dosent allow weldments to be meshed using shell? Please correct my if i am wrong. Thank you very much.

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          Jeremiah Davis

          Without looking at the files and strictly shooting from the hips....


          If you are running an interference detection and not seeing anything, make sure you have the option for Multi Body Part Interferences turned on during your interference detection.  If you are strictly looking at multi body parts, create an assembly that is just that part, run the interference detection and turn that option on.


          You can not create a no-penetration contact condition if the bodies are already interferring.


          And the trick to making weldments mesh as shells is to first treat them as solids, then define shells from selected faces.  You can't directly shift them from beam to shell.


          Hopefully this helps.


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            Jared Conway

            Hi Qi, you uploaded 3 zips. Exactly which one are you having trouble with?


            It sounds like you're new to Simulation. I'd highly recommend taking a VAR training to get the basics and if they offer mentoring (one-on-one training) like we do at Hawk Ridge Systems, take them up on that so that you can see how they would recommend applying the software to your specific problem. PM me if that is something you'd be interested in.


            If you can't, I'd suggest going through all of the tutorials inside the software even if they don't look like they apply to your application. This will give you exposure to the work flows so that you can apply it to your model.


            Everything that Jeremiah has said will answer your question but I'd highly recommend you start really small. Include only a couple of bodies in your assemble them, add your idealizations (shell/beam), add contacts, fix one of them, add gravity and get it running. Then include a couple more until you have the whole structure.


            Based on the complexity of one of your previous models, you may want to think about building a surface only model for a shell analysis so that you can go to shells quickly. Or even better, with sheetmetal so that you can go to mid-plane shells with contact automatically.