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    How do I turn off drawing view border of imported dxf view?

    Amber Brooks

      For some reason when I import these dxf's into a drawing sheet they show a view boarder when I save them and open them again.

      I cant seem to turn them off.

      I've tried creating a line type called "None" and setting the boarder to that line style but this didn't work.

      The boarder doesnt seem to be part of the dxf.

      Any ideas?

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          John Burrill

          Offhand, it sounds like one of the following.

          -you're inserting the DXF as an OLE object instead of a drawing.  Use Insert==>DXF/DWG instead of copy/paste to import the DXF

          -you're referring to the dotted border that surrounds the view when the DXF is imported.  The view is created automatically to make it easier to move around the DXF graphics and the dotted border doesn't print.  If you don't want it to create the view, then use Tools==>Blocks==>Insert and change the filetype to DXF.  This will bring in the drawing as a block reference which you can drag around and rescale.  When you've got the block positioned and sized, you can explode it.  It like this approach better because text scales more predicably

          -you're drawing does have a border and it's on an off or frozen layer that's currently on in Solidworks.  Open the DXF in draftsight or AutoCAD and delete the border entities.