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Force txt to stay in a view

Question asked by Joe Kuzich on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by Joe Kuzich

Hi guys & gals,


I have another question.  Is there a way to force text to stay in the view/ linked so if you reposition the view on a drawing page the txt, balloon or leaders stay where you put them?  I get the detail how I want it to see that its a little bigger than I had expected and needs to shift one way or another and only most of it moves.  I try to make sure I am double clicking (constantly) within the view while doing everything but still some bits somehow end up on the page and not in the view.  There has got to be some way of forcing SW to understand that I am only detailing this view right now & then when I'm done I can tell SW that I want to be able to write/deposit things on the page again.