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    How to bend dimension text?

    Stefan Mayer



      I need to add text to a dimension. And it have to follow the curve! The text should be bending.

      I have no idea how it works. Any suggestions?¿ Please see the picture below.




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          Tonia Lauer



          There is an Enhancement Request spr open for this functionality to be added to SolidWorks.  You'll want to vote for 689828 from the Enhancement Requests under My Support on your customer portal home page.


          Meantime you could create an image of the arched text in a program such as MS Word's word art, and bring it into your drawing as an image.


          Or the current tool to use in SolidWorks would be to toggle on Offset Text so that the text comes off of the dimension line with a leader.  This is the right most button immediately above the dimension text field in the dimension PropertyManager.