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    flow visability?

    Jim Montgomery

      Not all that much dust has accumulated on my Dell T1650 (spec by Charles Culp).  I have an nVidia Quadro 600 running the graphics.  HOWEVER, I cannot get the thing to display flow paths in a good working Flow Xpress model.  I get min and max listings OK, but no depection of the paths, nada, nothing...  well, there are faint flickers when I rotate the model.  SW specifies as the correct driver software from nVidia, BUT nVidia calls the installed driver 305.29, their current driver 311.35 whql. 


      What's a poor user to do?  Is the driver realllly the issue (maybe not)?  What could be the cause of this irrational behavior?  Can you help?  -Jim M.

        • Re: flow visability?
          Jared Conway

          first, confirm this isn't a setup/model problem

          close all models

          tools > options > systmes options > performance > enable software opengl


          does it get better? start playing with drivers.


          if not,


          build a simple tube, run it, see if it works. if it does, its the setup/model on your other problem. upload here for diagnostic.


          tube doesn't work? contact your reseller. something is broken with your install or software.