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    port replicators

    David Urasky

      I'm purchasing a new notebook which needs to be portable, that's why a notebook. I work in both my office and a lab and move back and forth daily. I need a quick and easy way to plug and unplug all of my accessornies, mouse, navigator, monitor, keyboard and more. I was using a docking station but my new computer does not have one available. Long story short, a Kensington SD3500V port replicator was suggested. I'm skeptical about having video, ethernet, 6 usb ports and audio transferring smoothly through one USB 3.0 port. Does anyone have experience with these? do they actually work well?


      This is a link to the product.  http://www.kensington.com/kensington/us/us/s/3097/usb3DockingStations.aspx