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wPDM With Large Assemblies - Changing Mates and Other Problems!

Question asked by Nick Mahoney on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by Ray Howard

I am working in a small company, but i am left with the task of organizing the files. I installed wPDM and made myself the admin so I have control over everything.


Basically i have different sized machines but they all share SOME part files and in some cases the same assembly files. What has happend before I started here was that someone would just take out a part file, change it slightly, and then add it to the new assembly. Now we have 10 different part files with the same part number, and some of them will be different sizes.


I am hoping that once I start adding each machine to its own project it will share the same part for all machines and keep just 1 copy in the vault. The problem i ran into is that when i add the second machine, mates are missing and i have to go in and manually fix them. I save the assembly, check it in, and the next time i open that machine it is back to missing mates not the way i saved it.


Any help is appreciated as I am new to wPDM and SW forums. Thanks!