07 SP1.1 Upgrade

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 24, 2006
This was interesting and it is the first time it's ever happened. I've always maintained separate installs for different versions of SW ...... 05, 06, etc. and never had any problems. I've had 06 installed since last year and just about a month ago installed 07 as a separate installation with no problems (both through admin images on our server). So, today, I upgraded the 07 admin image to SP1.1 without any issues and then proceeded to upgrade my local 07 installation to the current SP through the admin image. Everything looks to go fine, and then "where the hell did my 06 go?". Seems that the 07 SP1.1 ugrade decided to remove not only the previous version of 07 (as it should), but also my separate 06 installation. Nice.

Sigh, I'll reinstall 06 from my image and let you all know how it goes.

SW 2006 SP4.1 (well, it was before this message)
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