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Upload asm made in SW Student Design Kit

Question asked by Sebastijan Kozel on Mar 21, 2013


this is my first post.


I made a neet assembly and parts for my project at school and would like to upload them to 3D ContentCentral.



I wonder, since my parts and assemblys are made in the student edition of SW (Student Design Kit - Academic Use Only), will other users that have a "normal" edition of SW be able to download, open and modify my parts?



The online help on 3D ContentCentral says that assemblys should contain less than 20 components. I Have 17 parts (*.SLDPRT) and two Sub-assemblies (*.SLDASM). With the main assembly that makes 20 files at about 9 MB of size. But all parts (except one) and subassemblies are inserted twice into the main assembly. Does that make 40 components, or 40 features?