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Solidworks 2013 "side by side configuration" error

Question asked by Ryan Horst on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by Phil Whickham

I am trying to install Solidworks 2013 onto my computer.  The computer had 2012 running perfectly before trying to upgrade.


The installation process all runs smoothly and gives no indication of any problems.  All other solidworks products (explorer, toolbox configurator, etc..) work properly.  But when I try to open solidworks from the desktop, nothing happens.  It's like it doesn't even try to open.  When I go to the file location where the shortcut is pointing to and try to open it there I get this message:




I haven't had any luck finding a fix for this issue.  The sxstrace.exe does nothing and I can't find the solidworks event log.


Any help will be much appreciated!