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    Hello, I have a problem with the Simulation Wizard

    Arthur Loginow

      I am working on the Stress Analysis of a Chair, when i work on the optimization i get some strange values, for example my constraint variable is the Safety Factor and it has to be bigger than 2, i reduce the variable that i am working with and it says that it is almost the same SF than before, however if i try to optimize again this time says that it is almost the half, i am talking about the first optimization that i got, so to make it even simpler, i get a value with a X SF, when i am going to optimize that value it says the the X SF is not X anymore but it is around X/2. So my question here is why is this happening? How can i fix this?


      Here is the perfect example:

      Value of B = 10 Range 5 < B < 20 and any B value has to give me a SF > 2. So far so good but values under 7 gives me SF under 2 but it looks like the software is not respecting the SF > 2 condition because it will give me values under 7 even when that means that i will get SF under 2


      Please help me to figure this out

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          Jared Conway

          can you post a screenshot of what your optimization dialog looks like at the end of the solution?


          i can't tell if you're saying that the optimization mode is showing the wrong results or if it is showing solutions that aren't valid in the wrong color. it will show all solutions, just some will be marked as successful and some not depending on yoru criteria.


          also, your case seems pretty simple. one thing i'd suggest is running the cases manually and looking at the results. that might help you understand what may be happening.