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    E PDM and Microsoft Lync

    daniel haines

      Apprently in 2013 Epdm you can have the user information pop up use Microsoft Lync (according to the whats new).  how do you enable this functionality?  A peruse of the admin tool doesn't give any clues.   Our vault users are defined using Active Directory user information.


      thanks for any clues.




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          Jeff Sweeney

          Honestly never done this myself, but pretty sure all you need to do is include the proper hyperlink to Lync in the Website list in the user properties.

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            Richie Yosten

            Check out S-061060.

            For user details to display in a pop up window (while hovering over user name in explorer),

            a)     Microsoft® Communicator should be installed on the client and

            b)       Email information should be entered in user details – refer to “User Details.jpg” for details.

            If the above two conditions are met, the option to chat and call through Communicator should be visible starting with Enterprise PDM 2013.

            I haven't tried this out yet but will be testing soon.