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        Derek Parks

        Composer does not support Solidworks Configurations. You can get around this by exporting each configuratin and opening it within the current document (which would be your default configuration) You can then activate and deactivate the configurations as you desire.


        As far as I know you can only select full parts to change individual color and hatching can only be achieved by using cutting planes  on your parts or assemblies.  You could change your specific outline for a part along with your line width if that would help.


        I will see if I can come up with another solution when I get to my computer.



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            Jarrett O'Hara

            Yes, I mean 3DVia Composer (Solidworks Composer).


            I am trying to select a specific face or hole, and change its color. Doing so would act as a visual indicator alongside of a note indicating the surfaces would be masked prior to painting. At the moment, we have physical pictures in a paint document and I am trying to find a way to duplicate this document in 3DVia Composer.


            And thanks for clarifying about configurations.

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                Derek Parks

                OK, I tried to duplicate the image you are doing and I can't find a way just in Composer. You can only select parts to change colors within composer. It does however bring in colors from my original files (Solidworks in my case). I can set the face colors the way I would like in Solidworks and it transfers to Composer for me to export a image.


                This is not ging to be able to give you a hatching but would give you a hole or face callout. I have attached some examples of a quick hole that was done in Solidworks and then also colored in Solidworks before exporting to a Composer file. As you can see hatching will only show when using cutting planes and will not hatch the hole.


                Another option you could use would be to export your images as a .eps or .svg (technical image) then you could import the image into Adobe Illustrator or like program to edit all your color or add hatching.


                I hope this gives you at least a starting point of getting what you would like to achieve. Both images are only .jpg since it would not upload technical file types (which would have looked better)

                color test.jpgcolor test 2.jpg

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              Earl Hasz

              Jarrett, An alternative will be to select the component in question and copy its geometry from the Geometry tab.  Once copied, move the copy to the root of the assembly tree and Explode again from the Geometry tab.  This will separate all of the faces into separate actors.  Now you can color each of the actors as desired.  For all of the remaining faces, simply delete the faces.  Finally, you may want to nudge the copied face slightly away from the model to avoid overlapping triangles.


              Assuming you have opened your model using the "Merge into new document", you will still be able to update the original model as it will be a sibling node to your new copied node.