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    Help Feeding EPDM Templates

    Jeremy Ferguson

      I would like to populate an EPDM template with information from an existing file data card.

      In this case is a Purchase Order and I need to create a variation on it I would like to right click the existing PO and run a template to build the variation pulling information such as the suppliers details and original order value in the to the variation from the PO?

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Jeremy,


          If the PO's are inside EPDM and their datacards are populated with the relevant metadata (i.e. PO#, date, supplier details, order value, etc.) you can run an add-in but I have investigated this but can't see a way to run a template to "copy" this info to another file.


          On that note, I just finished writing a vb.net add-in to do "almost" the same thing.


          After investigating what is involved to make an EPDM template do this and not finding a way, I wrote the add-in.


          See my site for contact details or PM me.


          Hope this helps,


          Tim Webb, CEPA


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            Michael Dekoning



            Although it was really written for handling files with external references, I think you could use the "Copy Tree" command to accomplish what you want to do.