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    Omit part from study

    Dan Miller

      Hello, I have a large part that I am analyzing.  I have a large cylinder that is being fully restrained and I have the load very far away.  It is basically a beam in bending problem.  I run the analysis just fine but it seems like the majority of the stress is showing up in the cylinder.  I am not particularly concerned about stresses in cylinder but I want it in there to accurately simulate how the assembly will be restrained. Is there a way to keep a part active in the model but have Solidwoks omit it from the simulation?




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          John Sutherland

          If you right click on the item in the study feature tree you might see a suitable option.

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            Jared Conway

            rmb > exclude will remove it completely, the restraints won't transfer

            rmb > rigid will keep it, but it will act like a solid block


            it sounds like you need the cylinder if you need to restrain it to get the deformation to be correct. making it rigid or moving the restraint to where the cylinder connects to the rest might stiffen it up even more. can you post a picture so we can take a look at whether theere is a better method?

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              Radoslaw Koneczny

              Hi Dan


              You shall consider remote load/ displacement  in you situation as restrain ... Place coordinate system within cylider center with one of axis cooncident to cylinder axis.... as reference for remote load /displacement and set 0 values for correspondind degrees of freedom.

              It will simulate your restrains and reduce calculation error for matrix that will ommit non interesting finite elements elasticity.


              Good luck / one beer 4 me ;)