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    programmatic motion simulation with mates

    Valkyrie Savage

      I have an assembly which includes many buttons, dials, and other movable things, as well as a main body to which they are all mated.  I want to change their distance mates (basically move them through their full motion programmatically) and run test at each of several distances.


      I have handles on the components and the body to which they are mated.  I have also named the mates such that they are easy to find (each distance mate is named "component-part-name-distance", for example).


      I understand that I need to select the "mated entities", i.e. the faces that are mated in this distance mate, in order to use EditMate2.  I guess I have two questions:


      1. How do I get the correct faces that are mated?  Is there some way to loop over the faces in the component and determine which one is used in the mate, or...?  I can't have the user select these by hand, because I need to test several mates at once.
      2. For things like the dial, is it possible to make a mate that allows me to rotate it?  I have a concentric mate that will lock the center in place, but I need to be able to spin the dial in-place for my tests.  How do I do this?  I think I need to set something up by hand first, and then access it via the API using a similar technique as above, but I don't know how to do it.



      Thank you!