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Updated 2012 or 2013 Pack & Go code available?

Question asked by Adam Doerr on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by Adam Doerr

I'm looking for code that does the same thing as the built in Pack & Go feature of Solidworks. I found some older code that looks similar to the current Pack & Go, but it's missing some key functionality like the "Select/Replace..." function. My intent is to modify the code to customize Pack & Go to better fit what I need it to do. Mainly, I'd like to add specific custom property columns to the interface to allow global updating of all files being copied. I'm also looking to have it automatically uncheck all items that are located in specific locations (ie; library parts, reference parts, purchased parts, etc). If anyone has or knows where to find the stock P&G code for SW 2012 or 2013, please let me know!