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Flow Simulation Vehicle on Road

Question asked by Marc Wolle on Mar 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello every body,

for my final year thesis I designed a car body which I now have to analyse in terms of aerodynamic aspects.

To not neglect the "ground effect" I put my vehilce on a flat plate plate 4m x 6m x 1mm.

My computational domain does not include the whole street but "cuts" trough it and goes a few mm below the bottom of the plate.

I also added "real wall"boundary conditions to the plate making it move the opposite direction of the vehicle travel direction.


I wonder now if the plate is part of the lift and drag analysis of the car or not, I obviously want the road to be excluded!


I made a few simple experiments with a cylinder and a plate, but still can't seem to figure out if the plate is part of it or not:


just the cylinder

lift: 21.6

drag: -573 (direction of travel is +)


plate and cylinder

lift: -35 (downforce)

drag: -1393


plate in motion and cylinder

lift: -29

drag: -1364


HELP is very welcome!

Thanks already!


Have a great Sunday!