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    OT...  Looking For High Temp Epoxy

    Anna Wood

      I have an off topic question that I am hoping the users here can help me with.


      I am looking for an epoxy, potting compound or adhesive that can survive the following thermal cycle.


      Process   Bake @ Temp C    Time (min.)

      Pre Bake  150                120

      Cure       180                135

      Pre Bake  150                 120

      Cure        90                105

      Cure       170                140

      Bake      125                240

      Cure       175                280

      Bake      138                300     

      Reflow    225                  1



      This is a 24 hour curing cycle.  The product will see this cure cycle once a week.


      What might I be able to use to secure some small magnets into an aluminum carrier?