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    Cavitation Pump

    Jimmy Fitzpatrick

      I am currently designing a cavitation (hydrosonic pump) heater for my final year project and i have started using the solid works flow simulation for the first time. I made my design basic for the simulation only including housing, shaft and plate to see if this phenomenen is possible on solidworks. First test, there was a vortex being created so i put in a an impellor to counter this and i am still having the same problem. Is there anyone who has created heat by the processs of cavitation on solidworks flow sim and is it possible? I have attached a photo of as basic as possible i can simulate with. Any help would be great


      cavitation test.PNG

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          Jared Conway

          I'm not familiar with your application but I think it is outside the capabilities of flow mostly because I don't think that the component you want to rotate is a valid rotating body. Generating heat from cavitation I would ha r to think about. I'd suggest checking the solving eng problems and technical reference before you go too much further. They are in the install directory for flow, Lang, English,docs.