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File Structure examples

Question asked by David Harris on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by Daen Hendrickson

I am looking at changing the file structure/drawing depot and wanted to see some examples of other people’s ideas.

What is the general consensus of folders? Do you separate out according to product type or dump all files in one big folder, and let pdm systems control it?


My current thought is to separate out into following folders:

01 - Customer Specific

02 - Common subassemblies

03 - Manufactured Components

04 - Purchased parts

05 - Electrical Assemblies

06 - Electrical Components

07 - Consumables

08 - Fastenings

09 - Spares


Just to clarify, I would not be separating parts/assemblies and drawings. Its separated according to our MRP system.


An example would be a Plate we are getting manufactured. It would have product code of PL0001A and the part/drawing would be found in

\03 - Manufactured Components\PL0001A\PL0001A-1.sldpart


We are trialling WPDM as a precursor for EPDM later this year.


Would be interesting to see how you all do it.