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Point light shines through solid objects in render

Question asked by JR Ryan on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by JR Ryan

Hi, I have a real connundrum, I'm trying to render an assembly with a frosted glass part some LEDs and a point light.


I have all the illumination values turned all the way up for the LED's and they aren't giving enough light, so I put the point light in side the glass body to simulate the level of light I need. It looks fine in preview mode (no matter what render quality preview is set to) but when the final render is done (again regardles of quality) the light treats opaque solids like they are transparent even with all the light's settings turned right down.


Here are some screenshots to illustrate:



This is how it should look, but it's just a preview...



This is how it looks fully rendered. What is going on?!