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Part Appearance/Fade not Retained Upon Save or Moving Through Animation

Question asked by Star Walker on Mar 14, 2013

Hi there!


I've searched for a little while without much luck finding something similar to this - my apologies if it's already been addressed.


I have a fairly complex model which I am trying to have parts fade in/fade out as they are needed in assembly. This has proven to be quite simple in most cases, but recently the "hide" frames are not retained upon saving the assembly or scrolling manually through the animation. Usually, the occurance after manually scrolling can be fixed by rebuilding, which isn't too bad, but rebuild doesn't do anything for when it happens after a File>Save.


For example - let's say the animation successfully plays and the housings hide like they are instructed. I save the document and replay the animation. Instead of being completely hidden, the housings now merely change to having clear faces with bolded lines.


I know the fade can be a bit... wonky, seeing some of the other discussions online, but this just seems silly. Has anyone else happened to run across something like this? Am I missing something?


I would post a screen shot, but as an intern, I do not believe I have the clearance to do so for this particular assembly. I have not been able to repeat the error otherwise, which leads me to think I have messed something up in this specific assembly.


Thank you kindly


Star W.


Edit 1: Appears to be something with transparencies turning on/off at what seems to be random. Sometimes toggling the transparency and then hiding the part works through a save, and other times not so much.


Edit 2: Right Click > Replace Key when the screen is visually corect seems to be working sometimes as well. This is looking to be more trial and error than anything.


Edit 3: So apparently "shaded with edges" is the culprit. I haven't had this issue with hiding parts in even the sub-assemblies, so... that's midly confusing. So this still isn't fixed.


Edit 4: Even some tech experts over at MLC CAD are having some trouble with this. I'll try and update this thread if they happen to find a solution, for completion's sake.