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Custom properties date format

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Mar 14, 2013
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We have just noticed a problem, which must have started happening since we switched to 2013.  We have a custom properties tab set up where we can quickly enter the date for a part drawing by clicking on the date on the calendar.  This has worked fine for us in the past, but we just noticed that instead of dd/mm/yyyy like it has always been, it now outputs the date as m/dd/yyyy.  Our computers are all set to dd/mm/yyyy and the date in the actual drawing is in dd/mm/yyyy format, but not the words in the part file.  Whenever the day is above 12, SW gets confused because it doesn't know what month it is, so it just deletes the date from the custom properties tab.

   I just went and played around on the 2012 version still on my machine and when I change the settings on my computer, the format in SW2012 adjusts to match. However it is not doing this in 2013.  We could fix this by changing all our computer settings, but then nothing would match the older parts.

   I think this is a bug in SW2013.  Can anyone else confirm this?

Attached is a picture of exactly what is happening.