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BOM and Balloon Numbering

Question asked by Wayne Bird on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by Wayne Bird

I have an assembly that has a hidden component.  When I add the BOM table to the drawing it lists the hidden component in the table.    So I hide that row, but it also hides that item no.  So now the BOM is missing that particular item number  sort the table according to part number and now the item numbe The problem is the item number is also hidden


I have a hidden component in my assembly, but the BOM still lists it.  How can I get the BOM table to not list the hidden component, and get the item/balloon numbers to start at 1 and sequentially number the other items?  Currently, if I hide that row, it also hides that item number and now I'm missing an item number in the table.  Does anyone have a solution?