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    Simulation for a Foot Design

    Cliff Benson

      Hi Everyone,


      I have modelled a foot in Solidworks and wanted to simulate the forces acting on just bottom portion the foot. I know from research that majority of the forces act on the front and back part of the foot. I have set up my simulation process but I am not sure if this is correct. I dont think there is any connections on the foot model and I have made the fixtures to be a fixed geometery (Not sure if this is how it is suppose to be).  Two things I would like to ask:


      a) Is there any way to just apply a load just on the bottom portion of the foot ?


      b) What parameters would I need to setup for a foot model in the Mesh ? Currently I have just left at default ? Is that right ?


      I am not looking for direct answers or solutions, just some guidance or to some references




      Cliff B

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          Bill McEachern

          to get an accurate pressure distribution you would need to have the stiffness of the foot correctly modeled. Not sure a simple model of a foot would do that. But it might not be a bad approximation.

          You need to do a contact problem. Virtual wall between bottom of foot and wall. then load the top of the foot model - the leg bones.

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              Cliff Benson

              Thanks for your reply Bill,


              Quick question ? When I was creating the foot model, I created the created the first half of the foot and mirrored the second. When I create a virtual wall, it takes whole surface of the foot rather than the just the bottom surface. My question is, would this make a difference or do I need to specifically target this virtual wall below the foot surface.


              Thanks for you feedback,



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                  Jared Conway

                  hi cliff, can you post a picture? not 100% visualizing.


                  overall, if the second face won't come in contact, there is no need to have the contact defined, it will help make your problem a bit smaller by reduction of contact elements. you could use mirror but not merge to make 2 bodies or you could throw a split line on to divide the faces.

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                Jared Conway

                What about fixing the top of the foot and then displacing a block upwards with a prescribed displacement. That would be like the foot coming in contact with the ground. You would find out the reaction force at the ankle, and with contact pressure plots, the pressure distribution. Like bill said, the hard part is going to be the for stiffness. With bone and tissue, that's going to be tough. Or are you assuming a prosthetic type application with a plastic material?