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Exploded line sketch does not follow parts after Copying exploded view to additional configurations.

Question asked by Ryan McNeal on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by Gary Popov

I have an assembly with many configurations. All of the same parts are used within the configurations, however the only thing that distinguishes one configuration between another are the lengths, widths and dimensions of features of these parts (ex: length and width of panel, and hole location on a tube).


I have created an exploded view within a configuration with Exploded Line Sketches for all of the parts. I wanted to copy that exploded view to another configuration (since each configuration uses all of the same parts) so that way all of my configurations have the same exploded view. So, from the Active configuration I dragged the exploded view to another configuration. The copy worked perfectly for the movement of all of the parts however, the Exploded Line Sketches did not move from their original location. Plus all of the mates of the Sketches were lost between the original exploded view and the copied exploded view.


Any ideas on how to solve this problem without having to redo all of my Exploded Line Sketches?


Pic1- is the configuration where i created the exploded view.

Pic2- is the configuration i want to copy the exploded view well as the other configurations.

Pic3- is the original exploded view.

Pic4- is the copied exploded view.


Reference the bottom rail and the height of it in relation to the floor as well as the glass panel, as its cut height changes between each configuration.

Reference Pic4, copied exploded view, the lower rail and its exploded line sketches as they do not follow the parts' new locations.