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Terminal Block questions

Question asked by Steven Skeffington on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Joe Wilcoxson

Dave again, on our trial installation of SW Electrical with another question.


I drew a pretty basic schematic.  Then I added terminal blocks.  If I left them they way the program numbered them all is good, I could put it into the 2D panel layout fine.

I needed to change the numbering on the TBs and after that I could not put it into the panel layout. The screen flashed and didn't go anywhere - or give me any kind of error message.  I am presuming I did not change those TB numbers in the right place.  So, where should they be changed at?  And how do you find out where to edit at? 


Another related question:  How do you tell the system you have a group of terminal blocks jumpered together - as you would for the + and RTN busses?


Drawing a schematic is very quick and intuitive.  Editing or changing anything off the drawing (all the meta links) is not - but that is the key to making this really useful.


Thanks again,