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additional electrical components and symbols library for SW Electrical

Question asked by Steven Skeffington on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Joe Wilcoxson

We have a trial version of the 2D Electrical and the 3D add-on installed that I have been playing with.   This has brought up a couple of general questions:

A lot of the parts we use are not a part of the inbuilt database.  Is there a way/place to be able to download additional components that include the meta data for the automatic electrical wiring of connections and the 3D model data?  Adding components manually is insanely time intensive.


Also, is there a way/place to download additional schematic symbols that include the meta data?  Specifically, the ANSI symbols?  The built in symbol library is European centric and I’m looking for a more standard U.S. set.  One that stands out is the schematic symbol for a solenoid.  They have some similar but not the one all of the semiconductor industry uses – sort of a pointed sine wave with connection circles on each end.