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Solidworks Electrical Tutorial Video Series

Discussion created by Joe Wilcoxson on Mar 13, 2013
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Edit: I am going to be posting all videos and links one this one post from now on.


1. Solidworks Electrical Basics (3/13)


  • Basics of the Interface
  • Basic Library Management
  • Project Creation from a Template
  • Drawing a Simple Schematic


Youtube Video:


Link to Downloadable Version:


2. Wiring, Manufacturer Parts and Simple Reports (3/14)


  • Wire Order
  • Wire Style Replacement
  • Adding manufacturer parts to components
  • Black Boxes
  • Wire Lists
  • BOMs
  • General Report Usage


Youtube Video:


Link to Downloadable Version:


Custom Reports Download:


3. Slightly more advanced stuff (3/15)


  • Editing Symbols
  • Translatable/User Data
  • Editing Part Categories (if it wasn't broken in this SP)
  • Basic Report Editing


Youtube Video:


Link to Downloadable Version:



Added 3/15: Im taking requests if anyone needs any custom reports or symbols, I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I can try or at least let you know why it may not work.


I plan to do many more of these covering everything I can manage up to advanced/expert topics (maybe a few a week as long as I have time). I'm new to this video tutorial thing, so any constructive criticism is much appreciated. I would also love to hear about any topics that you guys would like to know about, and I will do my best to explain them in a video.