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    Fixed in sketcher

    Sid Humphreys

      Afternoon all,


      I am in sketcher with some dimensioned entities.  I want to be able to drag certain entities but when I try SW is telling me, "item is fixed, cannot drag".  Or vice versa.  Also there are 2 centerlines I put in for construction purposes that cross eachother at the origin.  I made a relation for each that they are coincident to the origin and I cannot even change the angle of them in relation to the default planes.  Is there some sort of automatic relation going on maybe?





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          Sid Humphreys

          Nevermind.  Cardinal sin.  No pun intended since we now have a pope and all.  I had my sketch related to geometry that was in another part.  thats why I could not move anything.


          My bad!

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            Jerry Steiger



            It's hard to tell what is happening without either the file or a picture. A picture is best for me, since I am unlikely to have time to open a file and I am also running SW 2010, so I am probably not able to open a file.


            For the 2 centerlines at the origin, I suspect that one is horizontal and one is vertical. To check that, left click on one of the lines. The Line Properties should show up in the property manager on the left. Any relations should show up in the Existing Relations Box at the top. You can right click on any relations in the box and delete them singly or all at once.


            You can also right click on an entity, or out in space, and then select Display/Delete Relations. If you clicked on an entity, it will show you the relations for that selected entity. Hit the upside down triangle to the right of Selected Entities to select which filter you would like to use on all of the relations.


            I should warn you that not all relations are displayed. If you connect the ends of your two construction lines with another line or construction line, the end points of the three lines do not show a coincident relations to any of the lines. It makes a certain amount of sense to not show the coincident relation between an end point and the line of which it is an end, but it is a pain that the coincident relation of the end points of the two lines don't show up.


            This type of "hidden" relation may be at the heart of your inablility to drag certain entities. Are the entities black, meaning that they are fully defined, or blue, meaning that they are not fully defined?


            Jerry S.


            Oops, I was too wordy or too slow typing. Oh, well, perhaps it will help you anyway.


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