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DISPATCH: Exchanging Variables Between Parts

Question asked by Todd Becker on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by Todd Becker

I'm currently setting up my EPDM vault and handling legacy data is an issue.


Here are the steps I am testing:

  • User drags a PART (pipe.sldprt) and DRAWING (pipe.slddrw) into the vault (the drawing has views of pipe.sldprt on it)
    • EPDM asigns the part a serial number B12345
  • The user then checks-in the parts (not keeping check-out)
  • The user selects the PART file and runs a rename dispatch script
  • The dispatch script renames the PART from pipe.sldprt to B12345.sldprt


So right now in my vault I have B12345.sldprt and pipe.slddrw.  I am stuck on how to take the variable B12345 from the PART and get it into the DRAWING file so that I can rename it to match the PART.