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EPDM 2012 Search Problem (Variable Search)

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Brian Dalton

I noticed a strange thing yesterday when I was doing some searching.  It seems that in the Complete Search function, if you search for text in a variable, the 'Text Does Not Exist' operator does not work properly.


If I choose a variable and set the comparison operator to "Text Does Not Contain", then enter a value, the result is an error (see below).Search Error.jpg

This happens with every variable I try, and regardless of what text I put in the Value field.  The only way this particular search method works is to leave the value blank, and then the search runs, but the result (of course) is every file in the vault, which is hardly useful.


I just wanted to search for files where a particular variable did not contain a certain text string, but it seems this capability is just flat broken.


I'm hoping to hear from anyone else about this.. does it happen to you?  do you know of a workaround? Etc.