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eDrawings .markup file format.

Question asked by Matt Fisher on Mar 13, 2013

Hey SolidWorks! Any chance you will give up the file format for .markup files? I figure it would be faster if I could alter the markup file myself than wait for an ER to go thru.


My company uses eDrawings instead of 2D prints to communicate with our customers as well as the guys on our the shop floor. We find that we need to remake markups all the time because bringing in the .markup from the last revision of the eDrawing doesn't necessarily match the current version. For example a note that pointed to something under a transparent component now  points to the same thing but the component is solid. Making the component transparent again doesn't work because the "display state" for the markup is fixed.


It would be very beneficial to us to be able to control markups a little easier than it is currently. The ability to reorder markups, change view position and zoom, and be able to change the transparency of a component would be nice.