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Where to store custom properties, drawings or models?

Question asked by James Howard on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Tom Helsley

Where do you put your variables?  The vast majority of my parts have a single drawing, the drawing# and model# are the same.  In the middle of setting up an EPDM workflow to automatically update the revision info (rev, description, date, approval), I find myself very confused as to the correct path to take.  I can store all of the rev information in configuration specific custom properties in the model, then link them on the drawing, but then the drawing doesn't update those fields in preview/edrawings until I checkout, open, and checkin the drawing.  I can store the rev information in just the drawing file, but then it isn't linked to the model and doesn't show up in BOMs.


Currently I've got everything set up as such:


Drawing and part advance together through the workflow

Model holds config specific properties (materials, process, weight, envelope, PartNo, description, etc)

Model holds rev information that gets updated through the workflow

Drawing ALSO holds the same rev information that gets updated through the workflow, but pulls desctiption, PartNo (used as drawing number), weight, process, materials form the config specific properties in the model.


I don't usually like putting data in two locations for fear of only one location being updated.  Is there a better way to store the variable data?  Am I making a mistake in treating drawings and modles as a single entity in the workflows?  I can take this implementation in any direction I want, just need some tips/guidance/best practices. Does anyone have any sample templates, workflows, and data cards they could share, or links to any good resources?