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Can I link a excel file to a table in Solidworks?

Question asked by Varoon Vengata on Mar 11, 2013
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I am trying to create a process table for manufacturing. I need that table to be in my assembly drawing but also accesible for other departments. But not everyone have a solidworks license and so I thought I should just link the table to a excel file, so whenever someone wants to enter information into the table they can just open up the excel file-->enter it and when the drawing is opened it is updated automatically in the corresponding drawing cell.


Please have a look at my attachment.


For example - If someone from the assembling department wants to enter info into description all that they need to do is open up the excel file and enter say "clinch nuts fixed"  and save the excel file.


So when I open the drawing the description reads "clinch nuts fixed".


Any help is very much appreciated.




Varoon Vengata