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not creating different configurations.

Question asked by Nicholas Martin on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Nicholas Martin

my dilemma is that I have created a part to help us create MISUMI parallel keys much easier, the 6 different type of keys we use are all in the same Key file, I can create the configurations and use them as long as their size is not the same as a previous configuration. for example one part can be created with two round corners at 12mm wide by 40mm long. now if I need to create a similar part but with different ends ,say a key with square ends at 12mm wide and 40mm long. the part does not want to create the second key due to the fact that the size is similar to that of the previously created key. even though the ends are specified by the design table to be suppressed the part will not be created. though as you will see my design table and property manager should crate 2 different keys, from what I see.


can anyone help me figure out as to why these wont work properly