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Seeking an Industrial Equipment Designer

Question asked by Rich Trnka on Mar 11, 2013



Successful candidate will have proven competency in mechanical design and integration of OEM components and equipment for industrial equipment. Responsibilities to include: automation machine design, specification and integration of pumps, valves, motors, reducers, bearings, process piping, associated platforms, safety equipment and integration with automation components.  Design equipment to meet guidelines including OSHA, USDA, ASME, FDA, 3A and governing bodies. Utilizing these methods, you will develop and present drawings for customer approval that will include accurate Bills of Materials, equipment specifications, dimensions and drawing views to clearly communicate your design and insure customer requirements are met.




  1. Utilizes internal/external resources to develop the most economical/competitive method of manufacturing.


  1. Ability to conceptualize unique projects to meet customer requirements.


  1. Development of drawings for customer approval and works directly with customers to expedite the approval process.


  1. Thorough understanding of manufacturing methods and how to apply methods of production capabilities into your design.


  1. Ability to specify, properly size, and apply OEM components into machine design for purposes of automation and process equipment.


  1. Proper application of geometrical tolerancing, layout sketches, and design intent to maintain a high level of quality and safety in equipment design.


  1. Keeps supervisor informed of important developments, potential problems, and related information necessary to ensure on-time delivery. 





  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a minimum of 5 years of post high school technical training in manufacturing engineering, mechanical design technology, or a related area.
  • At least 5 years experience in machine design, 5 years of detailed cad experience; combined manufacturing/process engineering preferred or 8 years equivalent in a shop environment.
  • Demonstrated examples of initiative and aggressiveness in completing projects.
  • Proven competency with the use of 3D CAD.
  • Exhibits strong leadership and sound decision making qualities.
  • Computer literacy a must.
  • Geometric tolerancing and understanding of flat layouts.
  • Ability to develop accurate bill of material for raw, purchase, sub-contract components for the project.
  • Ability to layout projects for customer approval.
  • Ability to work from customer requirements and drawings to meet, fit, form and function.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with a wide variety of Company personnel and others.
  • Ability to relate well to others and gain the respect of employees.



  • Proficient in the use of SolidWorks 3D design.
  • Develops highly complex assembly structure and bills of materials to accommodate manufacturing feasibility.
  • Effective time management
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently and efficiently perform assigned Mechanical Designer functions.
  • Ability to relate well to others and function as a member of the overall “team”.
  • Works safely and keeps work area clean and clear of potential hazards.
  • Deals effectively and cooperatively with established policies and procedures.


If interested, Please send resume to the email listed below: