Product Definition Customer Visits

Discussion created by 1-3PL95X on Mar 11, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Blake Reeves, one of our Product Definition specialists, would like to come to Texas and visit customers during the last week of March, or first week in April.  Blake's primary role is SolidWorks Costong and eDrawings, but he's willing to speak on other subjects as well.


Please read below and let me know via email if you are interested in having Blake visit your company.





Role of Product Definition


The primary role of Product Definition at SolidWorks is to utilize customer feedback to write specifications for the enhancements that are implemented in each release. We are also responsible for working with the development organization to manage the implementation of these enhancements.


Purpose of Customer Visit


The purpose of a customer visit is to understand your needs as a

SolidWorks user, and to understand how SolidWorks fits into your current process.


A customer visit is an informal discussion (generally lasting between one to two hours) centered around understanding how SolidWorks does or maybe does not meet your needs. We focus the discussion on gaining a full understanding of the challenges you face with our software and where SolidWorks currently fits into your process. We are of course eager to hear any ideas you may have on ways to improve SolidWorks in the future. These can range from enhancements to current functionality up to ideas you may have for new products that may improve your day to day work.


Please keep in mind that a customer visit is in no way a sales event. Though during the visit we will try to address any issues you may have, we find it best to steer the conversation away from a product demonstration or a review of quality issues you may be experiencing. This is so as not to interfere with the well established relationship you have with your reseller. We also find it very helpful to learn about a customer’s business and their industry in general. With this in mind, time permitting, we are always interested in touring your facility.


We hope you will be interested in hosting a visit and directly influencing the development of SolidWorks.