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    Strange behavior of custom properties

    Alexei Rozenvaser

      Our company forced to use an old 2009 version of Solidworks because of one of our clients that wont upgrade.

      We used to run Windows-XP on our Solidworks workstations, but recently we bought two new workstations with Windows-7 in spite of knowing that Solidworks 2009 formally does not supports Windows-7.

      Everything seems to run well except of very strange behavior of custom properties in drawings.

      I have noticed of quote marks disappearance in custom property values like $PRP:"SW-File Name" becoms $PRP:SW-File Name and  $PRP:"DrawnDate" becomes $PRP:DrawnDate on new workstation.

      Even if I manually add quote marks back they diapered when I close and open custom property window.

      Is there any solution that do not evolve SolidWorks upgrade or Windows downgrade?

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          JOHN GEORGE



          One of the possibility is to check your property file and template location.

          The default location is different from Windows XP and Win7

          In Win 7 it will be in "C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 20xx\lang\english" folder by default.


          If you go to your SW system options>File location, you can point it to the correct folder.


          Another possibility is to check your drawing templates for the property reference annotations (make sure they are correct formats)


          Hope this helps.