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    Curve Driven Pattern not showing in Model Area

    Lee S.


      I created a curve driven pattern of a chain as shown in Fig 1 attached, but as you can see the model tree shows that it has been created but the model itself is not showing anything. I thought it was my graphics card and turned the pc off and restarted it again the next day but the features still do not show.


      The funny thing is the sketch itself that the pattern follows is not showing in the model area either, although when you select the sketch called "path chain" in the model tree, it highlights itself then, as shown in Fig 2. Its only a small part so I can't understand why this is happening, is there a feature that needs to be turned on?


      Why is it being created and not showing the model area. I've reduced the number of instances to 2 just to see but still nothing.


      Any know of anything or why this is happening?