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Thermal expansion + stress deformation on Tower tank

Question asked by Arkmando Arratia on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hi guys,

I'm trying to simulate an acid plant with a tower tank connected to another tank with an expansion joint in between. My problem is that the tower tank is supposed to have a roller/slider fixture (it is design to roll when  while the smaller tank is fixed. The tower and the tank besides  are also subjected to external loads (gravity and forces). What I'm trying to find are thermal dilatation between the two bodies, Calculate the deformation in the expansion joint and if the tower does move or the flange sinks in it. Some of the problems I'm experiencing are that with some configurations the model won't run the simulation. Also, I'm having troubles with the fixtures (sometimes model won't run because the model is not properly fixed). I would also like to know how approximate to reality would this simulation would turn out in your opinion. I would also appreciate any advices and comments in the study.


I have attached a simplified model with both in assy (assy2hh.sldasm) and in a single part (solidpart.sldprt)



Armando A